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Welcome to your new oasis

At Pearls and Palettes, the ethos is defined by three words:
Alchemist. Curator. Designer.


Turning simple elements into gold. With a flair for fusing different materials, colors, and designs, we craft spaces that are more than the sum of their parts.


Handpicking every piece with you in mind. Each
space we create is your personalized gallery showcasing your
taste, your style, and your experiences.


Bringing everything together in a harmonious, functional, and beautiful space that not only meets your needs but delights your senses and uplifts your spirit.

Meet Chandra

Chandra M. Evans is the creative force behind Pearls and Palettes. As a licensed Pharmacist, her eye for detail is not just a skill—it’s an instinct.She now brings a passion for creating spaces with visually stunning details that are warm and inviting for family, entertaining, and relaxation.
As the lead designer, she combines her rich heritage and taste for culture with her exquisite palate for designs that are diverse and fresh, yet timeless.
Her approach is to listen, understand, and then design a space that reflects your personality, needs, and lifestyle.

Beyond aesthetics, my design philosophy intertwines with mental wellness. With every project, I carry a profound understanding that our surroundings have a direct impact on our emotional and mental well-being. Whether it’s the calming serenity evoked by a carefully chosen color palette, the comfort of thoughtfully-selected furnishings, or the mood-lifting properties of the right lighting, my ultimate goal is for your space to please the eye and nourish your soul. My design style is more than just a visual transformation; it’s a journey to creating a sanctuary that promotes balance, peace, and well-being.”
This is an opportunity for me to understand your vision, preferences, and the unique aspects of your project. It’s the first step towards crafting your space that will truly resonate with you. Reserve your slot and let’s begin our collaboration.

Our Services

We offer a range of services tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you are looking to refresh a single room or redesign your entire home, we bring the same level of dedication, creativity, and attention to detail so you can enjoy your space to the fullest. Our services include:

Complete Interior Design:

Transforming your home from a blank canvas into a masterpiece.

Design Consultation:

Helping you find the right color palette, furniture, and accessories.

Space Planning:

Creating a functional and stylish layout for interior and exterior space

Custom Furniture Design:

Bringing your unique furniture ideas to life.

Our Process


This is where it all begins. We start by understanding your needs, style preferences, and lifestyle during an initial consultation. This session helps us understand what you envision for the space and how you intend to use it.

Concept Development:

Based on our consultation, we begin developing a concept for your space. This involves determining color schemes, materials, and initial design elements that will best reflect your style and requirements.

Design Presentation:

We present our concept and design proposal to you through renderings, mood boards, and sketches. This will give you a clear visual understanding of the final space and allows us to fine-tune the design based on your feedback.

Detailed Design and Documentation:

Once the concept is approved, we develop detailed design plans. These include specific pieces of furniture, fixtures, materials, color palettes, and finishes. We also prepare documentation for any custom designs or structural changes.

Procurement and Installation:

After the design is finalized, we start the procurement process. We source and order all the necessary items from various vendors. Once everything is ready, we move on to the installation phase, which is when everything starts to come together.

Styling and Finishing Touches:

The final step is all about the details. We style the space, add decorative items, and arrange everything to look perfect. Our team ensures every piece is in its place and that the space feels harmonious and complete.


The moment you've been waiting for. We invite you to see your transformed space. We walk you through each design decision, allowing you to fully appreciate and understand your newly designed room.

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